Selected writing

At Business Insider/Insider News, I’ve written about…

How three Spelman College students are following Stacey Abrams’ footsteps and encouraging their peers to vote in the Georgia Senate runoffs

Voters in the 2020 presidential election, including: women voters in the suburbs, voters in the suburbs (in general), voters who changed their political view since 2016, Black voters (co-byline with a colleague) and college voters.

What current and former USPS workers said about delivering mail after Postmaster General Louis DeJoy eliminated overtime hours and late night dispatch

How Asian-American scholars say the DOJ’s claims that Yale discriminated against Asian American and white applicants is “leveraging the model minority myth” for a divisive political message

What it means that ‘Dynamite’ is BTS’ first song entirely in English, according to experts in Korea

How students felt about the (now rescinded) ICE guidelines that barred international students from staying in the US on a fully online course load when it was first announced

At The Stanford Daily, I’ve written about…

How Katie Ledecky owns her time

How Stanford student-athletes are training & responding to the Olympics postponement (co-byline with another student-journalist)

Amazing 👏🏼Stanford 👏🏼 women 👏🏼 in 👏🏼 sports

What one student group does 122 hours before the Big Game between Stanford and Cal to uphold tradition

Some personal takeaways from my experience as a student journalist

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